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Clickbait may get you some quick eyes on your website, but those eyes leave quickly. The stronger alternative: valuable, often long-form content that establishes your business as a thought leader and continues to provide long-term results.

Google rewards it.

Your potential clients want it.

At Schiewer Consulting, we'll help you create evergreen content that continually shows up in Google results, drives traffic to your website, and adds value to your clients' (and potential clients') lives. Read more about our writing services.

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Case Studies

Are you looking for a way to communicate to potential clients the value of your service/product? Case Studies (also known as success stores) are a great way to make potential clients feel confident in your services. By sharing how you successfully helped a business save time, reduce costs, or improve efficiency, you demonstrate how you might be able to help someone with the same challenges.

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With a combined 40 years of experience being entrepreneurs, leading businesses and nonprofits, coaching organizational leaders, and writing effective copy, we bring fresh — and experienced —  eyes to every challenge. We are confident we can help you succeed.

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