Schiewer Consulting, LLC

About our Business

We help businesses and nonprofits succeed through corporate trainings, fundraising plans, operations analysis, and compelling writing that sells products and services. When working with clients, we take care to figure out how their situation is unique and exactly what kind of help they need from us. Our core philosophies include:

  • Asking good questions — or the next better question — leads to better outcomes.
  • Good planning and analysis yield efficient and effective results.
  • With the right guidance, everyone can write.

We take pride in our excellent service to our clients and on-time delivery of services. Though we love meeting our clients face-to-face, we provide the same level of quality regardless of location —we are located in Toledo, Ohio, but we have worked with companies and organizations across the country and around the globe. 

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About our Principals

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Tana M. Schiewer, PhD


Tana is a Toledo-based freelance writer, consultant, and corporate trainer with a unique blend of nonprofit and business experience. She has written marketing copy, case studies, technical documents, and articles for a variety of industries including engineering, energy, healthcare, SAAS, travel, and more. In addition, Tana has racked up 17 years of grant-writing and fundraising experience, helping nonprofits raise millions and win grants from several small foundations, local governments, the Ohio Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). She also provides interim executive services, mission planning, and messaging platform creation for nonprofits.

Tana holds a PhD in rhetoric and writing from Virginia Tech and is the recipient of multiple awards for her research and teaching. Her dissertation, titled "The Nonprofit Mission Statement as Genre: Speech Acts, Social Facts, and Ecologies," can be found here.

Contact Tana, CEO/President for Schiewer Consulting:
phone:  419.346.4231 US | 1.419.346.4231 international


don schiewer jr

After spending five years in restaurant and retail management, Don purchased his own restaurant at the age of 23—and sold it for a profit two years later. Don's expertise is in company operations, inventory management, efficiency improvement, strategic planning, and customer/volunteer engagement. In addition, he has consulted a number of entrepreneurs on their restaurant start-ups, offering analysis of their chances of success and suggestions for improving those odds.

Don's experience with nonprofit organizations falls along similar lines. He is the founder of Food for Thought Toledo, a nonprofit focused on feeding the homeless and providing food for families through several pantries. There, he created the first mobile food pantry in Northwest Ohio and won the Maumee Bay Chamber of Commerce Prism Award. 

In addition to working with nonprofits and businesses, Don also provides coaching services for church leaders and church planters, and he designs discipleship programs for churches as well. He has won multiple awards for his service-leadership approach to churches and nonprofit organizations.

Contact Don, Director of Operations for Schiewer Consulting:
phone: 540.750.6052 US | 1.540.750.6052 international