Consulting for Nonprofits

Schiewer Consulting offers a variety of services for nonprofit organizations, including marketing, operations analysis and improvement, interim executive services and coaching, and communications strategies. Based on years of experience and research, we developed strategies for helping nonprofits revisit their mission statements, communicate their messages effectively, and create messaging guides that provide ongoing guidance for marketing and fundraising.

The result? Multiple services that help you tell your story to the right audience at the right time.

Please read below for testimonials or contact us if you’d like to hear more about our coaching and consulting services.

Mission Development/Messaging Guides

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Many nonprofits have difficulty expressing their mission in an effective and purposeful way. Through her experience managing nonprofits, studying them in graduate school, and running workshops called "Compelling Messages," Tana has developed a system for helping nonprofits focus on a target audience, eliminate jargon, and purposefully choose words that reflect their values. Her dissertation, titled "The Nonprofit Mission as Genre: Speech Acts, Social Facts, and Ecologies," yielded multiple lessons that she applies to this process.

Through the messaging guide/mission (re)alignment process, we help you:

  • analyze the alignment between your mission and activities

  • develop a new mission statement or revisit an old one

  • create a messaging platform (think of it like a style guide for words) to take the guess work out of marketing and fundraising communications

  • create compelling messages that connect with potential donors, volunteers, and community members in a more meaningful and effective way

Please contact us to learn more about how this process could help your nonprofit.

Interim Executive Services/Executive Coaching

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If there's one consistency in nonprofit staffing, it's change. According to Harvard Business Review, up to 80% of employee turnover can be attributed to bad hiring decisions. In addition, 40% of employees who don't receive adequate training will end up quitting by the end of their first year, and 36% of executives feel that failed hires are the result of a poor skills match. Clearly, taking the time to find a new hire and train them properly is something businesses and nonprofits should invest in.

Whether you want to be sure to take the time to find the right person for the job, or you have a promising leader who just needs a little coaching, Schiewer Consulting can help. We've stepped in while an organization was searching for a new employee, and we've coached and resourced current employees so they are more fully-equipped for the job. We ask the right questions, provide guidance, and, when necessary, step in and complete the tasks in the absence of a staff member.